How to add or remove Spacemates in Vani? | FAQ

Adding/Removing Spacemates

Will my Spacemate be able to edit my work?

A: Vani is all about working together! We know how painful it can get working in silos. This is why, when you give Editor access to your Spacemates, they will be able to edit your Space. If you want them to just view and comment, you can give them Commenter or Viewer access.

How do I add my teammates to a Space?

A: Vani is all about collaboration, so we have made adding Spacemates quick and easy. All you have to do is click All Spacemates tab and add a Spacemate using their email. You can make them an Editor, Commenter, or a Viewer. An Editor will be able to edit the Space, while a Commenter will only be able to view it and leave comments. A Viewer as the name suggests can only see the Space in a view-only mode.

How do I give someone only view and comment access?

A: When you select the Commenter/Viewer option when adding a Spacemate, they will not be able to edit the Space. A Commenter can leave comments and give feedback on your work.

How do I remove a Spacemate from a Space?

A: You can remove a person from a Space by clicking All Spacemates in the bottom-right corner and looking for the person you want to remove. You can click on the dropdown next to their name to remove them.

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