What are Catchups in Vani? | FAQs


What is a Catchup?

A: Catchups are a way to connect with your team on video and audio while also working with them on the infinite canvas. Catchups are the essence of Vani, as everybody on the team has a voice and is able to contribute to everything the team does together.

Catchups are more than just a video call. They are a way for teams to work together and get things done. Live Cursors are there for you to move around with your team on a Space and work with them on the infinite canvas, while simultaneously communicating with them over a Catchup. Everyone has all the context all the time, and no one feels left out of the conversation.

Can anybody who has access to the Space join a Catchup?

A: Catchups are open to everyone who is part of a Space. This means your Spacemates can join you on an ongoing Catchup, even if you don't send them an invite. If your teammate accesses a Space while a Catchup is happening, they will see a notification about the Catchup as well as an option to join it. The whole purpose of Spaces is to ensure inclusivity and participation for everyone involved with a project. This is why Catchups work as open conversations within Spaces so that every voice is heard and no one is left out. 

How many people can join a Catchup on Vani?

A: There is no limit. However, you'll only be able to see 10 video feeds on the Catchup pane. If your Spacemate is the 11th person at the start of the Catchup, their video will pop up on the pane when they start speaking. This ensures that you have better focus while working together with your team and your screen doesn't get overcrowded with tiles. You can also move some or all of the video tiles from the pane onto the Space and place them wherever you'd like to.

How do I invite people after starting a Catchup?

A: One of the best things about Vani is the fact that you don't have to schedule calls or send multiple links to connect with your team over a Catchup. You just need to start a Catchup and notify your teammates in the All Spacemates tab. This will send an email to your teammates, as well as send out a pop-up notification if they are already on the Space. Alternatively, you can ask your teammates to join the Catchup by letting them know which Space the Catchup is happening on.

Can I apply blur/filters to my video tile? 

A: Yes, Vani has a host of fun filters. When you start or join a Catchup, you can click on Visual Effects on the Catchup settings pane. You can choose to blur your background or pick from some fun background presets. You can also add filters that change the color of your video.

Can I work with my teammates on the Space while on a Catchup?

A: Yes, that's what Vani is all about! You have complete access to the Space and all its Zones when on a Catchup. You can continue adding ideas and work on your projects on the Space while you're on a Catchup with your teammates.

If I switch Zones while on a Catchup, will the Catchup end?

A: No, Zones are part of the same Space, so the Catchup can continue even if you switch Zones.  You and your team can navigate across different Zones while being on the same Catchup.

Can there be more than one Catchup in a Space?

A: There can only be one Catchup in a Space.

If I start a Catchup, will it end when I leave, or can my teammates continue the Catchup?

A: There are no host controls in Vani. So if you leave the Catchup, your other teammates will be able to continue the Catchup.

Do I need to give audio and video permission to my browser to get on a Catchup?

A: You do need to give audio and video permission to your browser if you want to be able to speak or turn on your video on a Catchup. However, you can still join a Catchup without giving these permissions. You'll be able to hear your teammates but won't be able to speak or turn on your video until you give the browser permission.  

Can I add someone to the Space while on a Catchup?

A: Yes, you can. When they open the Space, they'll be notified of the ongoing Catchup. However, if you want to send them an email invite for the Catchup, you will have to send a separate invite once they have joined the Space.

Can I move the video tiles of my teammates in Vani?

A: Video tiles are movable in Vani. You just have to drag and drop the tiles wherever you want in the Space.

Why don't Catchups have a raise hand feature?

A: The whole point of Catchup is to let every teammate have a voice, and have natural conversations with others on the team. There is no sense of hierarchy in Catchups. And that's why we don't believe in a raise hand feature. We believe that each teammate's voice is important and should be heard while they're on a Catchup. While they're having a conversation over the Catchup, teammates can also contribute their ideas through voice notes, comments, and emoji reactions on the Space.

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