What is a Catchup on Vani?


Catchups in Vani are a way to connect with your team on video/audio on the Space, where you can collaborate and discuss ideas.

Set up a Catchup with the Spacemates 

Use the  Start Catchup button to get on a Catchup. This will take you to Catchup Settings, where you can manage the devices used and add visual effects to your video tile. Click 'Let's go' after you finish to start the Catchup. Once you start the Catchup, your Spacemates can join at any given time during the Catchup. The Spacemates who are active on the Space will see a message mentioning the Catchup and asking them to join if needed.

You can also notify your Spacemates at any point during the Catchup. The Spacemates who are not in the Catchup will not be disturbed and can continue working in the Space.

 Invite your Spacemates to the Catchup


Once you start a Catchup, you can notify your Spacemates about the Catchup so they can join you. To notify specific teammates, go to the Catchup pane, hover over their name, and click the Notify option. They will receive an email and in-app notifications about the Catchup.



Joining a Catchup

To join a Catchup started by another Spacemate, click the Join Catchup button and click Join. Once you click the button, you'll see the Catchup Settings.



Click Let's Go to join the Catchup.


Catchup Settings


Once you click the Start Catchup button, select the camera and microphone devices you want to use. You can also choose to switch off your camera or microphone.



Pick your video's look using the Visual Effects tab under Catchup Settings. You can choose among various styles of backgrounds and filters for your video.



You can change these settings later during a Catchup by clicking the Settings icon.

Catchup pane 

The video tiles of the Spacemates in the Catchup are shown in the Catchup pane. The videos of 10 Spacemates who are actively speaking will be shown on the tiles. For the rest of the Spacemates, the tiles will display their profile image until they start talking.


You can hide your video or mute your audio anytime during the Catchup. Your display picture will appear on the tile if the camera is not on.


Minimize Catchup pane

If you feel that the Catchup pane is hiding your Space, you can minimize it using the  Minimize icon. Only the tile of the Spacemate who's talking at that moment will be visible on the pane. You can maximize the pane again by clicking the Maximize icon.


Stacking video tiles outside of the Catchup pane

Vani lets you drag the tiles outside the pane and stack them anywhere you want in the Space. You can also resize the tiles using the resize icon. To send a tile back to the pane, click the Back to pane icon on the tile.



Navigate with Spacemates' cursors

You can follow your Spacemate's cursors when they are presenting something on the Space or while you're all brainstorming over a Catchup. Your screen will move along with their cursor, letting you see their actions within the Space.



To follow a Spacemate's cursor in a Catchup, hover over the Spacemate's video/display picture circle. Click the cursor icon to start following their cursor.

Leave Catchup

Click the Leave Catchup button to leave a Catchup.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Should I add all the Spacemates needed before starting a Catchup?


No, Catchups can happen spontaneously. You can start a Catchup and wait for others to join or notify your Spacemates to join the Catchup at any point of the Catchup.

2. What happens if more than 10 Spacemates are in a Catchup? Will all the video tiles be shown?


There isn't a limit on the number of Spacemates on a Catchup. However, only the videos of 10 Spacemates who are actively speaking will be shown on the tiles. For the rest of the Spacemates, the tiles will display their profile image until they start speaking.

3. How do I know who is talking if the videos are off?


When a Spacemate starts to talk, their tile will be highlighted. You can know which Spacemate is talking by looking at the tiles.