How to comment on any object on Vani?


Comments are handy when you want to ask a question or add your thoughts to an object without disturbing the flow of the content. Comments can also be used as a temporary place to brainstorm ideas with respect to the content.


Comment icon

Add a Comment

Click the content you want to comment on and select the Comment iconComment icon from the quick access toolbar. Add your Comment in the panel that appears and click post. You can also add images or emojis to a Comment to provide more context.

Add a Comment


Reacting to a comment

Open the comment and click the Add Reaction icon to react to a Comment.

Reacting to a Comment

Reply to a Comment

Open the Comment you want to reply to and click reply.

Reply to a Comment

Edit Comment

Click the ellipsis symbol on the Comment you want to modify and click Edit.

Edit Comment

Copy Comment link

You can share a specific comment's link with your teammates by clicking the ellipsis symbol on a Comment and selecting Copy Comment Link.

Copy Comment link

Delete Comment

Click the ellipsis symbol on the Comment you want to remove and click Delete.

Delete Comment

Resolve a Comment thread

Open the Comment you want to resolve and click the resolve icon.

Resolve a Comment thread

  Note:   You can only resolve the first comment along with the whole thread. You cannot resolve the reply comments.  


Show/reopen resolved comments

To view all resolved Comments, click the Comments pane in the top-right corner and check Show Resolved Comments. The resolved Comments are shown with a tick symbol. You can hide the resolved comments by unchecking this box.

View all resolved comments

After you view all the resolved comments, go to the comment you want to reopen. Click the Reopen icon to make it live again.

Reopen resolved comments

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is it possible to add multiple Comments to a single object?


Yes, you can add multiple Comments to a single object.

Multiple Comments

2. Can I resolve a Comment reply alone?

No, you can only resolve single comments or the entire thread.

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