How to review work together in Vani? | FAQ's

Reviewing work together

 How do I share feedback with my teammate?

A: Vani is designed for teams, and we understand that sharing feedback is a big part of how teammates work together. Comments are one of the easiest ways to leave feedback for your teammates and may be the method you're familiar with, if you've been using documents to collaborate so far. You can add a Comment by clicking Add Comment on the QAT.

An interesting visual alternative is to leave short notes for your team members using the Sticky Notes option on the tool bar.
There are times when you'd rather share feedback over a conversation. Catchups are perfect for this, as they help you share detailed feedback with your teammates over a live video (or audio) interaction. Best of all, you'll always have all the context right there on the same Space while you Catchup with your teammates for a feedback session.

Another way to leave detailed feedback is to leave a voice note using the Record a voice note option in the Insert Media tab.
That's not all. In Vani, you can also take the short and sweet route and simply react to your teammates' work through emojis. Just click on any element you want to react to and the React option will pop-up on the QAT. This is the quickest way to let your teammate know what you think about their work.

What are Sticky Notes?

A: Sticky Notes in Vani are the digital equivalent of paper sticky notes that you've probably used to quickly jot down ideas and thoughts. Sticky Notes can be added anywhere on a Space and used for reminders, to-do lists, short ideas, labels, and much more. There are a variety of Sticky Notes with different shapes and colors you can choose from. You can use them by clicking the Sticky Note option on the tool tab and place them anywhere on the Space.

Is there a way to share detailed feedback other than extra long comments?

A: Vani lets you add voice notes to your Space. To add a voice note, you can click Insert Media and go to Audio. You'll find an option to start a voice recording there. Here's the coolest bit: the audio recording won't stop even if you are moving around the Space. Alternatively, you could always share long feedbacks by initiating a Catchup with your teammates. 

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