How to create a Space in Vani?

Creating a Space

What is a Space in Vani? 

From sharing ideas to collaborating and iterating on each other's work, everything happens within a Space.

Spaces are infinite canvases loaded with tools to help your team ideate, create, and review work together. Teams can create dedicated Spaces for different topics or projects, so that the right people and the right information are in the same place.

  Note:  Spaces in Vani are associated with the team that they were created in. If you are a part of multiple teams, each Space will be listed under their respective teams.  

Creating a new Space from the listing page 

The listing page is the first thing you see when you log in to Vani. This is where you can view the Spaces you are a part of, as well as create new ones.

To create a new Space,

  1. Open Vani.

  2. Click Create Space.

Create Space

  Note:   If you are a part of multiple teams, check if the team you want to create the Space within is selected. If not, you can switch between teams from the drop-down menu beside the team name on the listing page. 

Creating a new Space from within another Space 

  1. Open the Space Menu icon on the top bar.

  2. From the drop-down options, click New Space.

Space Menu

Creating a new Space with a Template

Vani has a host of pre-made Templates, such as a weekly team planner and a marketing release checklist, that can instantly get your team going. While creating a new Space, you can pick a Template to add to the Space or start with a blank canvas.


In the listing page, you can view all the Templates and create a Space directly with a template by clicking All Templates

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