Flows are guided walkthroughs you can create for your teammates, making it easier for them to follow a particular process.


When you want your teammates to go through your content in a particular order, just organize your content within Frames–with each step in a different Frame, and set a Flow for them. This way, when anyone opens the Flow, they will see the content in the exact order you have placed for them. Best of all, your teammates can view the flow anytime they want, even when they are on a Catchup.

Creating a Flow

  • You can create a flow by clicking the flow icon in the top-right corner of the Space. 

  • Once the Flow pane opens, click Create New Flow.

  • You can now add the Frames to Flow by clicking the Add to Flow button that appears on the Frames.

  • You can rename the Flow or change the transition styles from the Flow pane.

  • Once done, anyone on the Space can view the Flow by clicking Play in the pane.


You can also share the link to a Flow with your Teammates. You can get the link by clicking the Copy Flow Link icon on the pane.

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