How to format text, shapes and other elements in Vani? | FAQs

Format options

Can I format text, shapes, or other elements on a Space in Vani?

A: You can format text, shapes, and other elements using the quick access toolbar. You can change text color, size and font type here. For more advanced formatting, you can click on More on the QAT to open the Format pane. Once you're done, you can close the Format pane using the minimize button in the top-right corner.

Can I draw and highlight on the Space?

A: Definitely. The Pen and Highlighter can help you do just that. Just click Pen on the tool bar and switch between pen and highlighter based on your need. To turn them off, click the Exit option at the bottom.The Pen tool can be used to draw shapes and lines.

The Highlighter tool can be used to highlight important points or mark things that you have to get back to.

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