How to add Frames and Page Frames in Vani? | FAQs


What are Frames?

A: Frames are organizable layouts which allow you to place text, shapes, images, and more in them. You can insert them using the Insert Frame option. Once you've collated your ideas into a Frame, you can move, copy, or delete them like a single entity while retaining the ability to edit or modify individual elements. You can also choose from a list of specific Frames, such as phone, laptop, tablet, and more.

What are Page Frames?

A: Page Frames are layouts that make it easier to write long-form. Simply insert a Page Frame and start typing away. There are numerous designs based on what you want to use the Frame for. You can use it to write notes, essays, journals, and more.

Page Frames have a fixed title, body font, font size, which can't be changed. This is to give you the feel of writing in an actual notebook and to keep everything uniform.

To insert a Page Frame, go to Insert Frame on the toolbar and you'll find a list of them under the Pages tab.

How do I find a Frame I created?

A: The Finder Tool is the best way to go about finding Frames. It shows you all the Frames created on the Space. Click the Frame you want to go to, will help you navigate to that Frame. Alternatively, you can always use the Minimap or the Pin tool.

Can I download things like Frames, images, and text from a Space?

A: Yes, you can download elements in Vani as images. This can be handy when you need to share them using a different app or just store them offline. To download a Frame, text, or image, right-click on the Frame and select Download As Image.

How do I use hyperlinks on Vani?

A: In Vani, you can hyperlink shapes, textboxes, text, and even sticky notes. Click the element or the portion of text you want to hyperlink and click the Hyperlink option at the top. To hyperlink an external URL, click the Web Link tab at the top of the pop-up box.

You can also create anchor points to other elements on the Space. Let's say you want to link Frame A to Frame B. For this, you can first add a Pin to Frame B. After that you can use the Hyperlink option on Frame A and go to the Pins tab. You will see a list of Pins on the Space there. Select the Frame B pin and, voila, now you have an anchor point, which will take your teammates from Frame A to Frame B. 

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