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General FAQ

 How do I get started with my Vani Space?

A: Vani is a visual collaboration platform where your team can think, create and work together. Whether it is about working on a new product idea, planning a marketing release, running an onboarding session for a new teammate, coming up with a social media campaign, or any other project that you're working on, Vani is your go-to platform to get things done.

With Vani, you can visualize flows, ideas, mock-ups and more. Tools like checklists, text, images, sticky notes, tables, connectors, and shapes help you work with your team. The best part is that you don't have to do it alone. In Vani, collaborating with your team is simple and fun. With our easy-to-use tools that require no prior knowledge, your team can quickly get creating. 

What can Vani be used for?

A: Whether it's about brainstorming ideas around a new product, designing mock-ups, creating flowcharts, making reminders and checklists, or writing and reviewing content, Vani can help your team get it all done. From water-cooler conversations to onboarding teammates, Vani is the perfect place to make things happen.

How do I use templates?

A: With templates in Vani, your team can easily visualize, create, and get work done.  Vani comes with numerous templates you can choose from for various needs. You can use templates for creating to-do lists, prioritizing activities, having coffee conversations, conducting team discussions and planning, tracking goals, creating process flows, and more. Just pick a ready template and quickly get started with customizing it for your needs.

There are two ways to begin working on a template:

1. Go to the Menu option on the top left corner and click on New Space. A dialog box with a list of Templates will open. Click Create to start working on the Template.

2. Just below the toolbar on the left side of the space, there is a button called Add Templates. Click it to add a Template to the center of your Space.

What are Zones?

A: Zones are literally spaces within a Space. Zones are great if you want to organize related content together. If you and your team are working on a website, you can have the sign-up flow in one Zone, website content on another, and a mock-up design on the third. The team can seamlessly go from one Zone to another to work together. To create a new Zone, you can go to the New Zone option in the top-left corner.

Can I access other Spaces from my current Space?

A: You can open other Spaces from your current Space by clicking the Menu option in the top-left corner of the Space. In the dropdown menu, click Open Recent to view a list of your recently opened Spaces and open them in a new tab. 

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