How to find a teammate's position on the Space using Live Cursors in Vani?

Live Cursor

Live Cursors in Vani help you work together better with your Spacemates by denoting their presence and position. You can see what your Spacemates are working on, navigate along with them and co-create with them on the same Space.

Follow Spacemates' cursors
Say your Spacemate is explaining something on the Space, and you have to move along with them. You don't have to follow their cursor manually. Go to the Spacemates pane, click the Navigate with Spacemate option that appears when you hover over the Spacemate's name. Your screen will start moving along with that Spacemates' cursor.

If you are in a Catchup, you can find the Navigate with Spacemate option when you hover over their video tile.

Follow Spacemates' cursors option in Catchup tile

Cursor Preferences

Cursor Preferences help a Spacemate choose how they want their cursor and others' cursors to behave.

Cursor Preferences

Hide cursor from other Spacemates

If you don't want other Spacemates to see your cursor, you can choose to hide it. Click Cursor Preferences near the Comments option. Toggle Your cursor on or off to hide or reveal your cursor.

Hide cursor from other Spacemates

Hide other Spacemates' cursors

If you are working independently on the Space and don't want to see other Spacemates' cursors, you can hide them.

Click Cursor Preferences near the Comments option. Toggle Other cursors on or off to show/hide other Spacemates' cursors.

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