How to navigate across a Space using in Vani? | FAQs

Navigating across a Space

What is Minimap?

A: The Minimap is a quick way for you to see the entire layout of a Space. The Minimap shows you an outline of the Frames and shapes on the Space. From the Minimap, you can select which Frame you want to go to, and you'll automatically navigate there.

How do I toggle the hand tool on/off using shortcuts?

A: There are numerous ways to toggle the Hand Tool on and off. You can press the H key on your keyboard to toggle between on and off. You can also hold the space bar to bring up the Hand tool. It will toggle off when you let go of the key.

Can I navigate on Vani using a mouse?

A: Yes, you can. You can easily bring up the Hand Tool by right-clicking. This will help you navigate through the Space in Vani.  

How do I get my colleague to land on a specific part of a Space?

A: Pins are the best way to help your teammates navigate. For example, if you're creating an onboarding Space for your new teammate, they will need to know where to start from. You can help them by clicking the Pin menu on top of the Space, then adding a New Pin. You can name the Pin "Star" and place it next to the first Frame on the Space. Your teammate can now access the Pin menu and click Start to go directly to the Frame.

In Vani, the URL of the Space also changes based on your current location on the canvas. When you send someone a link, the Space will open exactly where you want them to be.

What's the best way to follow my teammate while they present?

A: In Vani, you can spot your teammates' Live Cursor on a Space while they're on it. This will show you their current position on the Space. However, to easily follow your teammate while they present, you can directly navigate with them on a Space in Vani.

With the Navigate option, you can automatically move around with your teammates as they move through the Space. To navigate with your teammates, click All Spacemates in the bottom-right corner. Next to the person's name, there is a Navigate With option. Click this, then you can sit back, relax, and let your teammate navigate for you!

Another way to follow your teammates' cursor is by hovering on your teammate's video tile during a Catchup and clicking the Navigate with option. 

How do I hide my teammates' cursors to see the Space more clearly?

A: If you are overwhelmed by the number of cursors on the Space, you can always toggle your team's Live Cursor off using the Cursor Preferences option on the top left. This will let you view the Space in a cursor-free mode.

How do I check where a teammate is navigating on the Space?

A: Look for your teammate's Live Cursor on the Space to know their current location on the Space. You can see them move around the Space in real time. The preferences for this are available under the Cursor Preferences option in the top-right corner. 

What are Personality Cursors?

A: Personality Cursors are a nice way to add a bit of individuality to your Live Cursors. Choose from a list of options like a carrot, a bee, a pizza, a rocket, and more, based on which suits your personality the most.

To get started, go to Cursor Preferences in the top-right corner, click Cursor Personality, and pick something that goes with your mood. Once you’ve made your choice, we’ll remember your preference and carry it over to any other Space you are working on. Of course, you can always change your preference again at any time.

Your Spacemates will see your Personality Cursor along with your name to indicate your presence in a Space.

What is Zen mode?

A: Zen mode clears your Space of buttons and tools so that you can focus on working together with your team. Simply click Zen mode in the bottom-left corner to turn it on. Of course, you don't need to exit this mode to access tools. Simply hovering over the respective areas for the toolbar or menus will get them to show up.

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