What are the privacy options while working in Vani?

Personal preferences and settings

While working together with your team is exciting, Vani is also a great platform for working by yourself. You can write down your thoughts, create content, and work alone. Vani lets you work without any interruptions, not just in Draft Spaces but also in Shared Spaces.

Draft Spaces

Draft Spaces are Spaces where you are the only Spacemate. Either because you never added another Spacemate after creating a Space or because you removed all the other Spacemates. You can use these Spaces for working alone, as they will not be visible to any other teammates, unless you share them.

Draft Spaces in UI

Going incognito while working on Shared Spaces

You can hide your cursor if you don't want your Spacemates to see what you are working on in a Shared Space. None of your Spacemates can see or follow you if you hide your cursor.

Note that if you create any content, the selection with your display image will appear on the Space. Your identity will be visible until the content is selected and disappear once you deselect.

Going incognito


Knowing when someone follows

Vani also lets you know when someone follows your cursor, so you are always aware of whether a teammate is following you. You can see the number of Spacemates following you with the Cursor Preferences button. Click the button to see the names and images of the following Spacemates.


Cursor hidden after inactivity

If your cursor is inactive for more than 10 minutes, it gets hidden for your Spacemates. This means you don't have to worry about leaving your cursor off every time you take a break.