How to move around a Space in Vani?

Moving around the Space

In Vani, there's more than one way to move around the Space. You can easily find the ideas you and your teammates are working on without getting lost in the infinite canvas.

From marking locations and ideas with pins to moving around the Space quickly with a Minimap to using the Hand tool to switch views and finding different objects on a Zone, you can choose your convenient way to navigate a Space quickly.


Basic navigation

If you are using a Mac, you can use the regular 'infinite scroll' option to navigate the Space. In Windows, right-click and hold to navigate using the Hand tool. 

Hand tool

The Hand tool Hand tool lets you move through the Space by clicking and dragging it, especially if you are using an external accessory like a mouse. This is also useful when you have to click and drag without selecting or disturbing any objects.

You can switch on the Hand tool by

  1. Clicking the Hand tool icon from the navigation toolbar
  2. Right clicking anywhere on the Space
  3. Pressing the H key on your keyboard

You can also temporarily access the Hand tool by long-pressing the spacebar by or right-clicking.

  Note:   Make sure you have no object selected before using these shortcuts.  



The Minimap shows you the entire layout of any Space. The Minimap shows you an outline of all the Frames and shapes on the Canvas.

The Minimap can come in handy when the ideas are spread across widely on the infinite canvas, and you find yourself in a blank spot. You can drag the selection inside the Minimap and navigate to any part of the Space quickly.

Live Cursors 

You can also navigate along with a teammate's cursor. This is especially useful when they are giving a presentation. You can either follow their cursor manually or choose the Navigate with option next to their names in the All Spacemates pane. If you are in a Catchup, hover over your teammate's video tile and click the Navigate with option.

Learn more about Live Cursors here.

Zooming in and out 

  • Use the + and - buttons on the Navigation bar.


  • Use the shortcuts combinations, Ctrl++ and Ctrl+- for Windows or Cmd++ and Cmd+- for Mac.

  • Use pinch to zoom in or out on your laptop's touchpad.

  Note:   When following a teammate's cursor, the zoom level percentage changes to match the zoom percentage of their screen.  


Click the Full screen icon on the navigation toolbar to expand the Space to full screen.

You can exit full-screen mode by pressing Esc.


 Zen mode 

Bring all your focus to your work by pushing all the other menus out of the screen. Click the Zen mode icon  to hide all the UI elements from the screen. You can access these menus by hovering over the spot where they usually are. Click the Zen mode icon again to switch it off.

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