How to manage teammates and their roles in Vani?

Spacemates and access permissions


When you invite teammates to work together in a Space, they get added as Spacemates.

  1. The person who creates the Space is the Owner of the Space. An Owner goes on to add other Spacemates, as an Editor, Commenter or as a Viewer. A owner can create, edit, and comment on a Space. Only the owner can delete a Space.

  2. An Editor can do everything an Owner can except delete a Space.

  3. A Commenter cannot directly add anything to a Space. They can navigate the Space in a read-only mode and interact with others only through comments and Catchups. However, a Commenter can also duplicate the Space they are a part of.

  4. A Viewer, as the name suggests, can only view a Space. However, a viewer can also duplicate a Space.
Note: Duplicate Spaces won't have the Spacemates or the Comments from the original Space.

Collaborator pane 
The collaborator pane lists all the Spacemates and specifies their roles. This is also the place where you can invite new Spacemates or remove and modify the roles of existing Spacemates.

Collaborator pane

Click the All Spacemates bar to open the collaborator pane. You can also open it through the Space Menu options by clicking Share. Commenters will see a View Spacemates option in the place of Share.  

Invite a new Spacemate 

Open the collaborator pane, under Add Spacemate, type in their email address, and select the user from the available options. Open the drop-down menu on the left to assign them the role and click Add to Space.

Modify roles of existing Spacemates  

In the Collaborator Pane, go to the Spacemate's name and click the drop-down menu on the right to change their role.

Modify roles of existing Spacemates

Remove existing Spacemates from the Space
In the Collaborator Pane, click the drop-down menu near the Spacemate's name and choose Remove from Space to remove the Spacemate.

Share Space link 

Once you have added a Spacemate, sharing the Space link is the quickest way to bring them to the Space. This is available in the Collaborator Pane under Copy Space Link, or you can directly copy it from the URL bar. 


Share Space link

Sharing specific locations from the Space
  • Using the Space link - A Space link from the Collaborator Pane or the URL bar contains your current location on the Space. When someone clicks on the link, the Space will open in the same location.

  • Using the Pin tool - Pin tools mark specific locations or objects on the Space. You can copy and share the links of these pins to send a specific location.
    To copy the link of a Pin, go to the specific Pin on the Pin pane, and click Copy Link from the options.

  • Using link of a selected object - Right-click any object in the Space to access the Copy link to selection option. This copies the location of the object, which can be shared with your Spacemates.

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